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Welcome To ADI Ireland

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ADI Ireland is an association of like minded people, all of whom have invested in French property, formerly let to Maison De Biarritz (MdeB).  Some of us have since been successful in securing Lagrange as our new tenants, while others continue to struggle having signed with Quietude and now encountering problems, such as non-payment of rent when due.

Our aim is to protect the interests of the property investors. Having been established in Ireland, the association represents not just Irish residents, but all English speaking investors.  Contact details for the principal Committee members, may be found at the end of this page.

We operate in very close cooperation with our sister association, ADI Biarritz, who are based in France and primarily, represent French speaking investors. Both Associations share the same legal advisor who is situated in France, along with other resources.

While you may join either association (ADI Ireland or ADI Biarritz) we strongly recommend that all English speaking investors join ADI Ireland (so as to help with communication issues etc).

In order to join ADI Ireland, you will initially be asked to do the following:

  1. Complete Our Application Form & Pay Initial Fees. This will involve completing a short questionnaire, which can be found to the left of this webpage entitled "Joining Form”, along with payment of €400 (being your initial registration fee of €50 coupled with your contribution to legal fees, currently €350). Once this has been done, you will be permitted full access to our website etc.  Please note, fees are non-refundable.

  2. Formally instructing our legal advisor (contact details are provided on this website) to act for you & agree to share all costs incurred by the Association – all costs will be shared on an equal basis (unless specific work is undertaken for you individually, or for you as part of a sub-group, within ADI).  As part of this process, you will be required to immediately provide our legal advisor with the following:

A clear copy of your former Lease with MdeB (not the initial  “Agreement for a Lease” but the actual final lease as signed) - in French, this is often called "Bail Commercial", along with the subsequent Lease or Agreement with either Lagrange or Quietude.

 A clear copy of your Purchase Agreement (called Acte de Vente/ Acte  Authentique)

 Confirmation of your "plot" number, as this is often different to the house number

 If you are an individual, send a clear copy of you passport & a recent, utility bill or bank statement, showing your full home address.

If you purchased your property through a limited company, then full company details must be provided (including clear copy of your articles & memorandum of association, certificate of incorporation, list of all shareholders & directors, including full contact details for two full time directors – along with copy of their passport & a recent utility bill showing each of their full, home addresses).

Your full personal details

-          full legal name (of each owner)

-          copy of marriage certificate, along with date & place of marriage, if applicable

-          Date of birth (for each owner)

-          Place of birth (for each owner)

-          Profession (please specify, if you are a homemaker / unemployed / retired etc)

-          full postal address

-          telephone number (including international dialing code)

-          e-mail address


 Thank you for your interest.  


ADI Ireland Committee Members

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  Garrett O’Doherty 

    David Reid        

Paul O'Connell  

Declan Forde

Roissy Owner

Roissy Owner

Fayence Owner

Parentis Owners

Parentis Owners